Flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, international rules of commerce, eroded soils, corruption, etc.: they all contribute to keep most Haitians in deep poverty. However, it is usually children who suffer the most. Severe malnutrition during the crucial development years contributes to stunted growth, neurological and other problems that are very hard and expensive to care for in adulthood — if the resources were available. Of course, malnutrition also causes acute and chronic suffering in children.

Child with plate CotB runs a clinic deep in the forest community of Las Mercedes, where parents can bring their children and receive a high-protein nutritious paste. After starting treatment, virtually all children start gaining weight and malnutrition symptoms disappear within weeks.

Currently, CotB buys the paste from a commercial supplier, at great expense: more than US$500 per box, which does not last long, and we are constantly running out. We are looking for donors who can help us build our own capacity to produce the paste, which is composed mainly of peanuts and powdered milk.

Humanism in the Haiti-Dominican border