We currently do not have any opportunities for individuals to volunteer in the field, due to the logistical burden and expense these  visits impose on our staff and budget.

However, we always welcome groups of volunteers who come for a limited time, usually 7-30 days, and bring skills and resources to implement a project that will directly benefit the community. Examples of past projects include the construction of latrines, rehabilitation of water wells, improvements to our programs to distribute contraceptives, repairs to schools, execution of health surveys, and initiation of programs to lower malnutrition rates. Note that all of these programs have in common: their purpose is to help the community in tangible, concrete, measurable ways. We do not support trips whose main goal is to provide an experience to the volunteers.  Volunteer groups always cover all of their travel, lodging and food expenses, plus bring the funds and equipment necessary to run their projects. Our projects help volunteer groups with logistics,  transportation, meals, and access to community leaders, and help with the implementation of their projects, e.g. procurement of local supplies, hiring of local labor, organizing community meetings, etc. We also help with sustaining the projects after the volunteers leave, by providing required maintenance (for example, for water pumps and other installed equipment), and other necessary follow up, as for example, doing post-installations surveys to assess the effect of projects in the community, assisting with the accounting and financial reporting for donors, etc.

Contact us for information at svelez@childrenoftheborder.org.


Humanism in the Haiti-Dominican border