What we do

The greatest threats to children in Haiti: malnutrition, violence, slavery, and curable diseases are all easily cared for when their mothers are protected and able to make and take action on their own decisions. That is why the Children of the Border (CotB) project helps children by helping their mothers with free contraceptives, food, medicines and medical care, and rebuilding schools where they can send their children.


CotB is the only provider of free, delivered contraceptives in the southern border region of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Read more


Most Haitian children suffer from severe malnutrition, leading to many health and developmental problems later in their lives. Read more


Haitian children are under the constant threat of cholera. During the last outbreak, 8,127 deaths haven been reported. Latrines are one of the most effective ways to prevent and control cholera. Read more


Every week, dozens of Haitian women in the communities CotB serves need emergency care for childbirth. Read more

Humanism in the Haiti-Dominican border